Skycig Review

If you bought Skycig and it is your first time of smoking such a brand, then in order to get started with your Skycig e-cigarette, you’ll need to charge the case from a USB port or wall outlet. Afterwards screw a battery into the case and wait till it is completely charged.

Unlike many charging cases, there is no button to turn the case on or off. It starts charging immediately as soon as the battery is connected to the tool. When the charging period is completed — a light on the side of the case will indicate this — unscrew the battery, screw in a cartridge and puff it one time after another. You’ll get the equivalent of about 4-5 traditional cigarettes from the Skycig e-cigarette before it’ll need another spare charge.

Unfortunately, you may encounter the next problem with the Skycig e-cigarette; you may not be impressed with any of the five flavors included with the sample pack of cartomizers and most of them generated very little volume of vapor. When you test one certain product, in our case this branded e-cig, you usually order a few flavors. You will receive two different tobacco flavors along with menthol, cherry and vanilla.

They’re ordinary, uninspiring Chinese e-liquid flavors, and with the poor vapor production, you’re really going to have to make efforts to get serious puffing and any kind of satisfaction out of the Skycig e-cigarette.