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This brand of cigarettes is characterized by lengthy warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Extremely competitive price contributes to sales grow locally and online. The kit includes portable battery charging case. What is also very important: the brand provides USA-made liquids.

No propylene glycol is added in order to aggravate allergy sufferers.
As for the design of this e-cig: aside from the signature diamond tip on all Starfire Cigs, the Starfire Cigs® PCC (Personal Carrying Case is a new addition of this e-cig) technologically advanced pack uniquely doubles as both a carrying case and battery charge that allows you charge your Starfire Cigs® on the run any time you need it.

It possesses an intelligent microchip that records how much a Starfire Cigs® battery is charged before charging it. If the battery needs to be charged, then your PCC will start charging it and automatically stop charging it when it identifies that the battery is fully charged and needs no further charging. This feature keeps the power of your Starfire Cigs® PCC and helps protect the lifespan of your batteries by avoiding overcharging.

Also each Starfire Cigs® cartridge contains a new atomizer. This strengthens every “puff”, and delivers a smooth, reliable and satisfying vapor that will never let you down. Starfire Cigs® cartridges are also produced with vegetable glycerin fluid, are offered in several flavors and nicotine strengths, are propylene glycol free, and are made in the United States for the pure satisfaction of the smokers.