About Vapor Couture

There’s a big difference between creating an e-cigarette to look attractive and designing one to be trendy. As soon as you start to think about fashion, you’ve got to be concerned about a lot of additional accessories.

Do you sacrifice function for form? Will you update the product periodically or when buyers’ tastes change? What about packaging design? Do you design a completely original package or do you use existing products for inspiration? Some people may consider an e-cigarette for women a bit of a money grab, but when you believe the fact that anything designed to be fashionable may turn into a total bomb.

So, let’s understand what exactly makes Vapor Couture an e-cigarette for women. The primary goal as we stated here is getting a fashionable look in a slim e-cigarette that doesn’t compromise on vapor generation and bundling it with accessories that V2 hopes will appeal to female consumers. The batteries are available in four different colors, a few of which haven’t been seen somewhere else.

Each battery has a crystal tip instead of the plain LED on the end of most e-cigarettes. Vapor Couture’s refill cartridges are presented in the same four colors, so you can mix or play as you like. There’s a special page on the Vapor Couture website where you can try every possible color mixture and find the one you like. There’s also a cute carrying.

What we still have to mention and keep in mind that Vapor Couture is one of the few brands created right here in the United States. Most vapor cigarette companies just use a logo on a product which was actually produced overseas, Vapor Couture is different. The skilful expert team is involved in every step of manufacture – from product engineering and design to quality control and logistics. This process is the very core of the brand – to produce the best of the best!