The Pods are fashionable, you must have seen them, they are a hit. So at first glance, they seem so small that one wonders why there is so much enthusiasm around these curious E-cigarettes. Zoom in on the Pods.


We all have in mind this famous cigarette which perfectly copies the design of our terrible cigarettes. Those that were easily found at the pharmacy, and which have had very little success. At the time, it delivered very little power, with a bland taste. 

With all the advances that the world of vaping is experiencing today and all the new types of e-liquids (nicotine salts, etc.), they are, in quotation marks, brought up to date, under the Pods model. Manufacturers are inspired by cigalikes and give birth to Pods, which are seducing day by day.

What is a pod?

A Pod is composed of resistance of at least 1 Ohm, allowing you to vape E liquids with a high rate of Nicotine, E Liquids with Nicotine Salts, and E Liquids with CBD. The power is not one of its major assets, since it hardly needs to be powerful to be effective, thus forgetting discomfort and coughing.

Its low power indirectly impacts the size of your electronic cigarette, which turns out to be a good point for these models. With a very small size, the Pods allow you to vape everywhere with complete discretion. The Pod is above all to diffuse a rate of nicotine adapted with the chosen flavour.

Indirect Inhalation Vape

If you are a fan of indirect inhalation, the Pod is for you. Indeed, with a tight draw from the mouth to the lungs, the sensations of smoking a cigarette will be similar to this type of inhalation. Large vapours do not bother you with a Pod, since it is not at all intended to offer you clouds of vapour. So we love these small, compact and versatile models.

Pods, yes but for whom

The Pods can appeal to a good number of people, for example, it can serve as a transition from cigarette to an electronic cigarette but can also accompany you if you are already a vaper, in addition to your Vaporetto with its small size and discreet use, in depending on the occasion, it can become your most faithful companion.

Be careful, however, if you are already a vaper, its use may be more complex for you. Indeed, to tame the Pods, you must adopt a gentle and prolonged suction.

How to choose your Pod?

Here again, you have enough to be lost in the face of the many models that flood the market, between recognized brands, and new ones that only make Pods, there is a wide range of colours, shapes, qualities, prices… varied.

  • Opt for a refillable Pod: indeed in the world of Pods, we distinguish between those equipped with pre-filled cartridges and cartridges to be filled. We recommend refillable cartridges that are easier to use, they let you choose the liquid and preserve the environment.
  • Be vigilant about autonomy: Again, there are Pods with more or less autonomy. The higher the Mah, the larger the size of your Pod will be. Note that the reloading of the Pods, compared to a box is faster, even if the autonomy is much less, it is counterbalanced by the satiety provided by the e-liquids which are more suitable.
  • Identify your needs: each pod has a small specificity, it’s up to you to define your needs to guide your purchase: you are looking for a Pod for its autonomy, its ease of use, its versatility, its elegance… you will necessarily find the right one, you must upstream that you determine your needs.
  • Take note of the resistors: Be aware that depending on the model, not all are equipped with resistors that you can change. Indeed, some models include a resistance, when the latter is no longer usable, you must change your entire Pod. There are also other models with which you can change the resistances while keeping your Pod.
  • Pay attention to the Airflow: The arrivals of areas are specific to each model, it’s up to you to choose what suits you, and some offer a modular airflow. Note that from one Pod to another the sensations can be different, depending on the Airflows.

Which E-liquids to choose?

In general, you can use all the e-liquids available on the market. However, it is strongly advised to use E liquids with low VG ratios, and high nicotine levels between 12 and 18mg. E liquids with nicotine salts or CBD are essential as E liquids are perfectly adapted for Pods.

The negative points are to be counterbalanced with the fact that nicotine satiety is there, so you will feel less need to vape and the high levels of nicotine are perfectly suited for smoking cessation.

Happy vaping everyone!