Today, the electronic cigarette takes an increasingly important place and that’s good. She was able to be effective in many smokers who finally managed to pass the course and get off the cigarette. But like everything new, the e-cigarette leaves room for concern. Behind the political interests, the world of the Vape must daily face heaps of fake news, rumours, studies, and sometimes alarming and detractor reports. This little post is just the opportunity to debunk preconceived ideas to share with you the truths about the e-cigarette.

The electronic cigarette explodes

In an era where everything is technological, our mobile phones work on the same principle as electronic cigarettes. These days, who doesn’t have a cell phone? Has yours ever exploded? So yes, it is true that cases of E-cigarette explosions exist, but where did this come from? 

What was its use before the explosion?

Manufacturers offer enough models equipped with circuit breakers to alleviate these completely legitimate concerns. But today, the media use these isolated facts to generalize them.

Smoking has never caused a domestic accident? And although far too many in 2005, it is estimated that 30% of domestic accidents are due to cigarettes that continue to be consumed. It is also for this reason that cigarettes are now equipped with a system allowing them to extinguish themselves when the smoker does not pull on the cigarette. These domestic cases are very little reported by the media.

We don’t know what’s inside

To make people believe that the content of e liquids is enigmatic, here is another way to create doubt! Know that the e-liquids are controlled, the law imposes strict labelling, and the components are known. An e-liquid consists of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin possibly nicotine, additives or water and alcohol of them.

Passive vaping is dangerous

Beyond vaping, often described as toxic, the issue of vaping for those around you is not spared. No study to date has demonstrated that passive vaping exists. A study conducted by Dr Le Houezec “confirms that ‘passive vaping’ does not exist, the levels of nicotine released into the ambient air are too low to have the slightest physiological impact on those around you.”

The e-cigarette is worse than tobacco

A phrase you’ve probably heard before, although there are plenty of studies to show the opposite. Many serious studies have confirmed that electronic cigarettes are much less dangerous than cigarettes.

In the meantime, good vape to all.