The resistance of an electronic cigarette is not eternal! This is a consumable component that you need to change regularly. But do you know when to change its resistance? I will help you see more clearly to have the best possible vaping experience!  

How do you initiate resistance?

The most common mistake newbie vapers make is not properly priming their coil. Or even completely skip this crucial step! Imagine: you have just bought your first electronic cigarette, you have found an e-liquid whose flavour and smell make your mouth water… Too eager to test the vape, you put the e-liquid in the tank and you vape immediately. Result: a nice dry hit and a coil good enough to throw away!

The fibre in your resistance will burn if you activate the resistance without having primed it. It is for this reason that it is necessary to take the time to let any new resistance soak up e-liquid for ten minutes. It is even better to pour a few drops of e-liquid into the new resistor before installing it in the clearomiser, wait a few minutes then inhale gently without lighting the electronic cigarette. Your resistance will thus be well started!

How do you know when it’s time to change resistance?

You have just bought an electronic cigarette and you have been vaping with it for a while now. While at the beginning the vapour was dense and the flavours were great, now your vaping experience becomes less satisfactory: the vapour is not very present and the flavour of your e-liquid is distorted, even unpleasant with a burnt taste. It’s time to change resistance!

It is possible to have a dry hit then the resistance has already been used but is still almost new. This may be due to too high a power or the absence of use of your e-cig for a few days with a position that does not allow the coil to be in contact with the e-liquid. If this is the case and a parasitic taste appears, you will have to change the resistance again.

What is the lifespan of a resistor?

The resistance of an electronic cigarette has a variable lifespan. Under good conditions of use, a resistor can be used for 1 to 3 weeks. Why such a discrepancy? Because it all depends on your vape material and your way of vaping! Some coils, especially CCELL, have a longer lifespan than others. But they are not suitable for all clearomisers or all vape modes. Rely on the product sheets of your equipment!

The resistances of electronic cigarettes clog up more quickly with High VG e-liquid, that is to say, rich in vegetable glycerin. This very viscous substance will quickly saturate the fibre and stick to the resistive wires. Note: if you change e-liquid with a very different flavour (for example from a mint e-liquid to a gourmet e-liquid), change the resistance so as not to have the taste of your old e-liquid that persists!