You have decided to take the plunge and buy your first e-cigarette. Cheer! You will have to choose your electronic cigarette to start. But there, you risk panicking: you find yourself faced with a multitude of models and you don’t know what to take.

To avoid beginners 

Let’s start with the easiest: what we advise against! Choosing your electronic cigarette when you start in the vape is not easy. Watch out for the trap of Puff mods. These disposable pods will surely catch your eye, but be careful not to be seduced by their design, ease of use and attractive price. Make no mistake, the puffs are ecological nonsense because all these models and their batteries end up in the trash without the possibility of recycling. Puff mods also contain nicotine salt which we do not recommend for beginners. Indeed, scientists currently lack data to inform consumers about this product. Conversely, do not go for products that are too technical: an e-cigarette that is too powerful with complex settings can discourage you.

Choosing your electronic cigarette: where to turn? 

But then which electronic cigarette to choose to start with all these kits? A refillable, easy-to-use electronic cigarette model will be perfect for first-time vapers. Favour the all-in-one starter kit. It will allow you to vape a full day without having to recharge the battery. Charging times are short, and modes of use are clear. 

In addition, refilling e-liquid is easy and their price is often attractive! And then, if we had to direct you to a standard model to start, the easiest way would be to choose a cylindrical rechargeable device. It should suit most of you. On the other hand, its simplicity is both its advantage and its disadvantage. Choosing an electronic cigarette of this model does not offer adjustment and does not adapt to the evolution of your practice. If you want more versatility, you will have to go for a slightly more complex model of the electronic mod type. This modular equipment, which is most often equipped with screens, gives you a lot of information. Battery life, power, resistance value, and the number of puffs taken are some of them. The mods will thus allow you to modify the power or your mode of vaping.

But ultimately, when choosing your first electronic cigarette, what matters is what you expect from it and how you will use it. Do you like the high-tech side and adore complex products? Or maybe you want something that looks like a cigarette? Do you want to completely replace cigarettes with vaping? 

To conclude, first-time vapers worried about not knowing which electronic cigarette to choose to have nothing to worry about. The rechargeable electronic cigarette will be perfectly adapted. In addition, if AFNOR certification ensures the safety and quality of e-liquids, it also applies to electronic cigarettes. Indeed, these AFNOR standards regulate the risk of overheating to avoid any risk of explosion. For this, you can rely on manufacturers such as Vaporesso, Eleaf or Aspire, which are truly trustworthy.