Several formats of e-liquids exist in the vape to meet all types of users and needs. 

At 10ml e-liquid bottles

These are the most common formats in the vape. We recommend starting with 10ml e -liquids because it is the most practical format to transport and handle. Compact and small, they are perfect for beginners who do not immediately want to commit to liquids in too large quantities. The must-have format for testing different flavours and bases.

In addition, the 10 ml formats are the only ones authorized by European regulations in May 2016, to be able to contain nicotine. The level should be between 0 and 20 mg/ml. They are simply ready to be vaped: it’s simple, fast and effective! All our e liquids are therefore sold in 10ml.

50ml E-liquids are packaged in large 60ml bottles

Large format e-liquids are more economical when you are used to regularly vaping the same liquid. Beyond 10 ml, no liquid has the right to contain nicotine.

The largest format that we offer, up to 60ml, means that the bottles are filled to 50ml so that you can then add your nicotine boosters for an ideal capacity of your favourite e-liquid. You choose the packaging that suits you, then add your nicotine booster and it’s ready! 

DIY e-liquid packs to make your e-liquids

Another alternative is also available to you, the Do It Yourself!

If you are a vape lover and you want cheap e-liquid, then you can create your e-liquids.

Do it yourself e liquids are the most economical and personalized solution that exists. The DIY allows you to make an e-liquid that you do not necessarily find on the market, for which you choose the aroma and of which you dose your e-liquid in nicotine in the quantity that best suits you. Indeed, thanks to the DIY you can make your dosage of nicotine. An economical and personalized solution to create your e-liquid!