An electronic cigarette is nothing more than a personal vaporizer. A real substitute for traditional cigarettes, it offers smokers an effective alternative. Composed of many parts: the battery, the atomizer, the tank… it cannot however function without being powered by a certain source of energy: the battery. The battery transmits its energy to a resistor which then begins to heat up to transform the liquid into steam. What if we told you clearly how your electronic cigarette works and what are the different elements that make it up?

1- The battery

What would an electronic cigarette be without its battery? Everyone knows that an e-cigarette draws its energy from a battery. But how does it work exactly? The battery provides the electrical energy necessary for the atomizer to be able to heat the resistance and, thus, allow the smoker to vape.

This battery is sometimes directly integrated into your electronic cigarette and other times powered by external batteries. Most current batteries are made of rechargeable lithium-ion. This component allows a certain autonomy which is largely sufficient to be able to vape quietly. Once discharged, it is then possible to power it again with a conventional charger or a USB cable.

Some brands also offer variable voltage batteries. They offer the possibility to users to adjust the output voltage to increase or decrease the power of their vape.

2- The atomizer

The atomizer is one of the most important elements of the electronic cigarette. It contains both the resistance and the tank. It is found in two different forms:

– The Clearomizer: 

The clearomizer designates the atomizer, but also the transparent tank in which the e-liquid is placed. This element is intended to allow the user to control the level of the remaining liquid and monitor the resistance. It is then a cotton wick soaked in e-liquid surrounded by a resistive wire.

– The cartomizer: 

This one is hardly done anymore, so we thought it was not very interesting to talk about it!

3- Resistance

The resistor is electrically connected to the battery. On contact, it heats up and allows the liquid to turn into vapour.

There are several families of resistors. There are so-called classic resistors. This type of resistance works in indirect inhaling and allows to provide more flavours to the vaper. But also sub-ohm resistors that offer better vaporization, while allowing the user to feel a correct flavour.

Most resistors are removable or interchangeable, so they can be replaced once they become faulty.

4- The batteries (if it’s a BOX)

Like a conventional battery, batteries are essential to the use of an electronic cigarette. They allow it to work properly and must therefore be chosen with care. They are at the origin of the balance between autonomy and power. Directly inserted into your electronic cigarette, they allow you to modify its operation and offer you a tailor-made experience.

5- The charger of an electronic cigarette

To ensure the proper functioning of your electronic cigarette, take care to charge it correctly with one of the chargers. Several options are available to you : 

– The  classic wall charger: for much faster charging 

– The  USB cable: to be able to recharge it both at home and work with your computer 

– The cigarette lighter: very practical for car journeys.

6- The tank and the e-liquid

The tank allows you to store the e-liquid. The latter is the fuel of your electronic cigarette. Transformed into vapour by the resistance, it is he who is at the origin of your pleasure of vaping. 

Personalize your e-liquid, by choosing the one that will best suit your needs, your tastes and your desires by doing it as you see fit. Several aromas and additives are then available to fully satisfy you.