It’s decided, you give up the cigarette in favour of the vape. Except that you don’t know much about it and you wonder how to use an electronic cigarette? Nicovip gives you useful advice to quit smoking thanks to the e-cigarette!

Using an electronic cigarette (vaping) to quit smoking

The use of electronic cigarettes to quit smoking is effective, but you still need to know two or three little things! Keep in mind: that the action of vaping is different from that of smoking. You will not have quite the same sensations using an e-cig as smoking. The reason? There is already the choice of vape material and e-liquid, two parameters that offer a multitude of different sensations: more or less steam, a more or less powerful hit, more or less hot steam… Not to mention the thousands of flavours!

To quit smoking, buy an electronic cigarette kit for beginner vapers, easy to use. If you want to have a use similar to that of a cigarette (no button, lightness), opt for an electronic cigarette like the Wood with cartridges already filled with e-liquid with nicotine salts, a liquid whose nicotine is specially designed to take effect very quickly on the body, without hurting the throat because of too strong a hit with a high dosage (18 mg/ml of nicotine for example).

Using an electronic cigarette: suction method and rhythm

With an e-cigarette, the aspiration is longer than with a cigarette. This does not mean that you have to hang on to your e-cig until you run out of breath, just that you have to inhale a little longer (a few seconds), but also less hard. The advantage with the vape is that you can often adjust the air supply (called airflow) on the clearomizer. Vary the airflow until you find the right balance in the draw, which can be tight (like with a cigarette) or aerial (to produce more vapour).

As for the vaping rhythm, you will probably have to use your electronic cigarette a little longer, but by spacing out the puffs. A little change of pace that will quickly become part of your habits! If you feel that your vaping sessions are not giving you enough nicotine satisfaction, switch to the higher nicotine level. If you are a former very heavy smoker, use e-liquids with nicotine salts in your clearomiser instead (with coils of more than 1 ohm and a box mod set to 20W maximum). This will immediately calm your feeling of lack of nicotine!

In case, know how to identify the effects of the lack of nicotine and the solutions available to you to fill it!